The Providence Of God (Video Available)

The providence of God is both a fascinating and challenging subject.

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It's an important study. One, because we need to know How God interacts with man-kind. And "two, because we're in the midst of some very trying times, during which we're praying to God, asking Him to deliver us.

What do we expect God to do for us?  What's scriptural to expect?  What things do we pray for?  What does God want us to pray for?

Are there situations where we should turn things entirely over to God? Are there situations where God leaves things entirely up to us? Is there a middle ground where God helps us once we've done all that's in our power to do?  What do we expect God to do for us? What's scriptural to expect?

It's good to study what the Bible has to say about God's Providence. But it's not good at all to imagine how God deals with us in these matters. It's normal to wonder about how it all works. Wondering is okay, but we have to make sure that what we wonder does not become "truth" to us. If the Bible contradicts our desires, or if the Bible is silent on some of the matters, then we must not force God's Providence to be what we want it to be.