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Online Sermons

Rocking Chair or Wagon

Is your Christian life like a spiritual rocking chair, going back and forth over old sinful ground?  Or is it more like a wagon with wheels, rolling forward, farther from sin and closer to God?

Are you stuck in one place, maybe even moving backwards? Or are you growing in Christ?

It may be that you are like the Children of Israel under the 15 Judges. They never purged sin from their country and their lives.  Their "rocking chair" behavior repeated over and over.

Paul tells us in Romans 6, that the dead man has no place in our lives.  He's either dead or he isn't.  No two ways about it.

While the devil may be willing to share the throne over your life with God and Christ, they ARE  NOT willing to share it with anyone or anything.  Lets'  break the cycle, and get off our rockers and onto our wheels.