WORSHIP Service Sunday (04/14, 11am)

Lord's Day Worship:  Sunday, April 14th, at 11am

Lesson: "Standing On Holy Ground!"

Order of Worship

  • (TXT Chris at 330-466-9252 if unable)
  • Announcements (Eddie Jr)
  • Two Hymns (Jeff)
  • Reading (Rusty)
  • Opening Prayer (Rodney)
  • One Hymn
  • Lesson (John)
  • Hymn - Invitation
  • Hymn - Lord's Supper
  • Lord's Supper (Larry)
  • Hymn - Closing
  • Closing Prayer (Luther)

Contribute In-Person, or at

Available On-Line:

If Joining Zoom by Phone ... CLICK

WE'VE RETURNED To In-Person Worship

We Have Returned To In-Person Assembly as of Sunday, March 13, 2022. Bible Study at 10am, Worship at 11am.

We'll continue with COVID-19 safety practices for "distancing" and "no-touch" singing, passing the Lord's Supper, and contributing.

Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening assemblies remain suspended.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study at 7pm will continue to be On-Line.

Call 330-723-0111 or Call/Text 330-590-0227 if would like a link to join us on-line Sunday or Wednesday.