Sermons In Text Form

Sermons In Text Form

Sermons In Text Form

In The Beginning  (John Dicus, 2022_02_13

The Well-Oiled Christian  (John Dicus, 2023_01_01)

Looking For Happiness In Strange Places  (Jeff Griffin, 2023_12_03)

Hello? Hello?  (Bryan Everett, 2023_12_10)

In My Father's House  (John Dicus, 2023_12_17)

In My Father's House 2  (John Dicus, 2023_12_24)

What If I Miss Heaven?  (John Dicus, 2023_12_31)

Who Will Be In Heaven?  (John Dicus, 2024_01_07)

Choose Joy  (Bryan Everett, 2024_01_14)

Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus  (Rusty Alexander, 2024_01_21)

No Regrets  (John Dicus, 2024_03_03)

Where COULD I Go?  (John Dicus, 2024_03_10)

Ashamed  (John Dicus, 2024_03_17)

SUDDENLY  (John Dicus, 2024_03_31)

Man Up!  (John Dicus, 2024_04_07)

Standing On Holy Ground  (John Dicus, 2024_04_14)