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Online Sermons

Man Imagines God (What Could Possibly Go Wrong) (Video Available)

Third of a series of lessons on The Nature of God.

The best way to help calm and improve the distress (racial, economic, cultural, political) our country is experiencing, is for each of us to aspire to the nature and characteristics of God and His Son.

Just as we can never have spiritual fellowship with one another unless each of us, individually, holds fast to the teachings of the Gospel, we can never have caring relationships with our fellow man unless each of us individually acquires the characteristics of God.

True, we can never be equal to God, but we are certainly invited to share in His nature.

In this lesson, we look at what goes wrong when Man Imagines God

When man imagines God instead of learning His true nature from the Holy Scriptures, all manner of things go wrong. He fashions his own personal gods as idols, giving them the characteristics he wants them to have, validating the selfish, carnal ways he desires to live his own life.

It's no wonder so many men and women treat their fellow man so inhumanely and unjustly. It's no wonder they drift do far from God.

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