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Each Small Step (Video Available)

Each Small Step

Each small step in the right direction adds up to success in the Lord.  Sadly, each small step in the wrong direction adds up to failure.

In this lesson, we'll look at the series of choices Bible characters made and how that effected their walk with God (Lot; Rahab; Elijah; Hezekiah; and Josiah).

If we can avoid the decisions that led to the steps that Lot took on his journey away from God ... AND instead, make the series of choices that Rahab made in building a faith that honors God … AND apply the lessons Elijah learned as we choose to never surrender or give up ... AND apply Hezekiah’s resolves as we make lifelong choices ... AND make the right choices to preserve and restore our faith and our worship like Josiah … then we could have that “closer walk with God and Christ” that we all seek.

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